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Grades are reported to students and parents six times each year. Progress reports will be issued to students one week after each progress report ending date shown below:

  • October 16th
  • December 4th
  • March 26th
  • May 7th

Semester report cards will be mailed home one week after each semester ending date:

  • February 5th
  • June 25th

Standard Percent Grading Scale:

  • A = 90-100%
  • B = 80-89%
  • C = 70-79%
  • D = 60-69%
  • F = 0-59%

Failure Notices

Education Code Section 49067 requires that parents be notified whenever it becomes evident to the teacher that their student is in danger of failing a course.

A “D”, “F”, or “I” on a progress report is notice of potential failure. Progress reports are sent home twice during each semester. If a student receives a grade of “D”, “F”, or “I”, the parent should contact the teacher or Guidance Office for assistance. If failure appears likely and a “D”, “F”, or “I” was not reported on the last progress report of the semester, the teacher will notify the parent. Parents will be invited to attend a conference.

Withdrawal/Fail Policy

Students who withdraw from classes after a two (2)-week period must have, in writing, permission from the teacher, department chairperson, counselor, parent, and administrator. A failing grade will be assigned for all such withdrawals.

The withdrawal/failure grade will be recorded on the student‘s transcript and remain a part of the student‘s cumulative academic record. Additionally, the failing grade, unless changed by repeating the course at a later date for a higher grade, will be computed on the GPA.

Students who repeat a course due to previously receiving a failure or low grade will have only the higher grade computed on the GPA, however, the previous grade will remain on the student‘s permanent record.